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On job training and flexible distance learning for Load Shifting Vehicle operators means that

  • You now have options as to how and when you learn safety modules.

  • You no longer have to attend a four hour theory session to learn the required knowledge.

LOADSAFE have developed learning modules that bring flexibility and affordability to the compliance training and assessment process.

  • Register for training and receive study materials via download or post

  • Up to date materials specific to New Zealand circumstances

  • Complete theory tests by correspondence at home or at work.

  • Practical training guidelines provided for on job coaching and verification by experienced operators.

  • Free ongoing safety advice and support via email

When workplace learning is completed, a Loadsafe assessor can come to your site and complete the practical assessments and issue certificates.

Alternatively, if you need qualifications quickly and you don't have the time to do it yourself, you can use our experienced and qualified instructors to deliver and assess all types of training and certification. We can conduct training ON-SITE with courses, dates and times to suit your requirements.

The LOADSAFE system can slash your training and compliance costs in half or better!

  •  Use our material to train your people at a time that suits your operations

  •  Learn the theory online at home, work or anywhere

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